Eclipse Natural Luxury Hair Extensions


Eclipse I-tips are made to a standard length of 22 inches,

1g per strand, which can be cut to any desired length.

There are over 30 colours available , all of which can be mixed and coloured for the perfect colour match.

Mini I-tips

Eclipse Hair Extensions are applied similar to the micro bead method, which means the same hair can be removed and re-applied giving longer lasting results.

Eclipse Mini I-tips are extremely small pre-bonded tips using specifically formulated Italian keratin.  

They are the kindest to the hair, longer lasting with very little or no shedding, and one of the most discreet & comfortable types of hair extensions available.


Eclipse Mini I-tips are secured in place using Eclipse Mini-Locks.

Eclipse Mini-Locks are so small and discreet and are made especially to be used with Eclipse Hair Extensions, ensuring they can securely be held in place with minimal visibility & extra comfort.

Eclipse Mini-Locks are made from copper making them extremely light-weight, flexible and 

especially gentle on thin & fine hair.  

The copper beads are heat resistant and colour safe so they won't fade or rust.

Eclipse Mini-Locks are available in 7 different colours to ensure a perfect colour match

making them less visible in the hair.

Application of Eclipse Luxury Hair Extensions

The client's hair along with the Mini I-tip hair extension are placed inside the Mini-Lock using a loop tool.

A special clamp is used to close the bead securing the hair in place.

To remove the bead and release the hair, the lock is simply clamped in the opposite direction, causing no damage to the natural hair and the extensions are ready to be re-applied again closer to the roots.

For fine or thin hair

Some clients may find that beaded extensions strain the individual strands of hair.

Because of their light-weight construction, Eclipse Mini i-tips & Mini-Locks work well with thin or fine hair.

They don't put as much weight on the individual strands but they are still held in place safely and securely.

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